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Symmetrical U-Cup Seals

Symmetrical U-Cup Seals

U-cup Seals or U-Ring Seals are commonly used in linear applications to seal the rod or piston with O-Ring loaded U-cup is similar in design to the Deep but it features a back beveled sealing lip designed for additional film breaking ability and increased squeeze on the sealing surface. By adding the back bevel on the lips, it aligns the seal interface near the centerline of the O-Ring energizer to provide increased sealing force which adds to the low pressure sealing capability while also increasing the high pressure sealing ability. The added length also provides stability to the seal.

  • Mobile Hydraulics
  • Injection moulding machines
  • Machine tools
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Standard cylinders
  • Marine cylinders
  • Hydraulic presses


Polyurethane 92 Shore A


Nbr 70 Shore A

  • High resistance to abrasion
  • Easy installation
  • Long life

Size Range:

Id 10mm to Od 500mm