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Quad Rings / X Rings

Quad Rings / X Rings

Quad Rings / X-Ring Seals are four lipped seals with a specially developed sealing profile. A wide range of elastomeric materials for both standard and special applications allows practically all liquid and gaseous media to be sealed. Quad Ring seals are vulcanised as a continuous ring. They are characterised by their annular form with a four lipped profile.

Quad Rings are popular due to the large range of applications it can be used for e.g. reciprocating dynamic or rotary applications. For all applications that require operation under low pressure and low temperature conditions, Quad Rings are favourable.

The Quad Rings have a high stability for dynamic applications, which is the most important feature of the Quad Rings. Instead of rolling in the groove and creating torsion, Quad Rings will slide with no negative outcome. In comparison to the O-Ring, Quad Rings have deeper standard grooves. Therefore, the diametrical squeeze is lower and is it suitable for dynamic sealing with reduced friction. The Quad Rings have more sealing capacity due to the four lobes. Next, to the four lobes, it has a groove for lubrication. This is important for dynamic sealing.

Quad Rings are more resistant to spiral failure in comparison to O-Rings.

  • Dynamic – Sealing of reciprocating pistons, rods, plunger etc. for sealing oscillating rotating or spiral movements on shafts, spindles, rotary transmission leadthroughs, etc.
  • Static – As a radial-static, e.g. for bushings, covers, pipes, etc. As an axial-static seal e.g. for flanges, plates, caps, etc.
  • Fluorocarbon (Viton) (70 to 90 IRHD)
  • Nitrile (NBR) (70 to 90 IRHD)
  • Ethylene-propylene (EPDM) (70 to 90 IRHD)
  • Chloroprene (Neoprene) (70 to 90 IRHD)
  • Silicone (VQM) (65 to 80 IRHD)
  • Polyurethane (PU) (80 to 92 IRHD)