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Piston Das Compact Seals

Piston Das Compact Seals

Das seal consists of five piece seal set for sealing pistons with one electrometric sealing component, two thermoelastomeric Back-up Rings and two thermoplastic wear rings. The profile seal ring seals in both the static and dynamic range whilst the backup rings prevent extrusion into the sealing gap. The function of the guide rings is to guide the piston in the cylinder tube and to absorb transverse forces. The design provides a compact seal and guide combination for a closed or split installation groove.

  • Mobile Hydraulics
  • Injection moulding machines
  • Machine tools
  • Piston Accumulator
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Standard cylinders
  • Less space required for seal and guide elements
  • Prevents distortion inside the groove
  • Single piece piston with one groove
  • No extrusion into the radial sealing gap
  • Suitable for rapid energizerisation
  • Sealing component protected against twisting
  • Zero leakage

Seal Ring:

NBR 75 Shore A

Backup Rings:



Thermoplastic Polymer